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Sasami's profile
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If you want to find out more about me, [Sasami Jurai] then you're at the right place!

Sasami Jurai is a small, eight year old girl (according to her appearance). On Jurai, her home planet, she was in a 700 year sleep, so she is literally 708 years old. Sasami has long, blue hair, which she always places on the top of her head in two pig tails that hang about past her knees. Her eyes are pink!

Sasami Jurai is the second crown princess to the throne of Jurai. Her father is Azusa, the emperor of Jurai. Her mother is Misaki, the second queen of Jurai, and a wife of Azusa. Azusa's first wife, Sasami's "Aunt", is Funaho. Sasami came to Earth with her sister Ayeka, who is the first crown princess to the throne of Jurai. Ayeka was searching for her fiancee, Yosho, who went missing from Jurai. Thus, Sasami and Ayeka crash-landed on Earth and found Tenchi. Finding Ayeka's arch-enemy [Ryoko the space pirate] and Yosho [too old for Ayeka], Sasami was stuck with them on Earth. Soon, Ayeka realized that Yosho was now to old for her, and fell in love with Tenchi.

Sasami has a cute eight-year-old personality. She makes friends REALLY easily, and loves animals. She is the most helpful of the Tenchi gang. Sasami is also the chef, and cooks ALL of their meals. What would they do without her? Well, everyone would probably starve. ;) [See episode 6 of Tenchi In Tokyo/ Shin Tenchi] As I said before, Sasami is always the one to make friends with people. For example.. Hiwa Takahashi [paperback manga volume 3], Minagi [from the manga], Yugi [Tenchi in Tokyo/ Shin Tenchi], this one ghost girl [ in Tenchi Universe. The episode is titled "no need for ghosts"], and she attempts to become friends with a rival chef named Kazuma Kagato, which eventually happens in the end. ^_^ [paperback manga volume 8- Chef of Iron. The story is titled "The Ferrous Chef"] Even when all of the other characters despise someone, Sasami likes them. ^_^ I think her personality is different in Magical Girl Pretty Sammy. Sasami is REALLY loud, and has a temper that always blows up. [especially at the boys] She's always yelling at someone in the Magical Girl Pretty Sammy manga story [volume 3- Magical Girl Pretty Sammy english paperback edition] In that same paperback volume, Sasami makes friends with a Wolf that escaped from a zoo, and helps it when it's hurt. :) Sasami has a really kind heart. ^_^

Sasami's relationship with Tenchi
Sasami sees Tenchi more as an older brother than a boyfriend. She isn't in love with Tenchi like everyone else is. At least, not REALLY. However, Sasami still has a minor crush on Tenchi, and is in love with him in Magical Girl: Pretty Sammy. [There are two Sammy versions, in one Tenchi is her brother and in the other one he's not] Sasami thinks it's horrible how the other girls treat Tenchi.

What does she think of Ayeka
Sasami loves her sister, of course. However, she is the only one who can make fun of Ayeka and actually get away with it. ;) Sasami respects her sister, but disapproves of how she sometimes treats Tenchi.

Relationship with Ryo-Ohki
Ryo-ohki is probably Sasami's best friend. :) They hang around each other a lot, and help each other out. Ryo-Ohki is ALWAYS by Sasami's side. :) In Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, Ryo-Ohki is Sammy's mascot!

Pretty Sammy
Pretty Sammy is Sasami's alter-ego that appears in the Mihoshi Special and a Tenchi Universe episode. She also has her own spin-off show, called "Magical Project S". Magical Girl Pretty Sammy is a super hero!!!!!! Sammy is sort of like Sailor Moon, and all of those other very cliche Maho Shoujo anime a way. However, she's more a spoof of those types of shows. [I love Sailor Moon, don't get me wrong]

Pixy Misa?
Pixy Misa is Pretty Sammy's arch-rival who fights against her! Little does Sammy know that she is actually Misao Amano, her best friend! Misao does not remember anything about her alter-ego.

Sasami & Tsunami
Back on Jurai, a blast shook the earth that Sasami was standing on. She fell thousands of feet to her death. The Jurain Goddess/Tree, Tsunami, felt bad. Tsunami then shared her body with Sasami, and they became one. Sasami was whole again, with the power of Tsunami. As she gets older, Sasami will turn more and more into Tsunami and get more aware of her being.


Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Tenchi characters, or anything relating to Tenchi. Tenchi Muyo/No Need For Tenchi belongs to it's respectable owner. ^_^