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An interesting and fun idea that popped into my head one day, that I thought I'd use on this website!

What's this all about? Hmmmm.... ^_^ Well, I'll explain to you! One day, I got this thought while listening to this poor man talk about his drinking problem and how he wished he could stop it.... I thought that it would be neat if there was a part on this page where visitors submit what they'd wish to happen if they were "Magical Girl Pretty Sammy", or at least had her powers! (As you know, MGPS fights with love blah blah blah ^_^)

So... I made a little form, so you don't have to e-mail me! All you have to do is to click on the link below. (it says "Make a wish!") Then, write this info in the text box: your nickname/name, what country you live in, what your wish would be, and your e-mail address. Also, please also note in the text box if you want your e-mail to be viewable to other people that visit this website! Thank you everyone! ^_^ Enjoy! Note: PLEASE BE SURE TO TYPE YOUR NAME INTO THE FORM OR EMAIL YOU SEND ME! THANK YOU! ^__^

Make a wish!get this gear!


1. Sasami (webmistress) "My wish is that everyone in the world could have a home. I wish that poverty would vanish into the air and just be left as a legend. I wish that peace would come to Earth, so that all wars would end and nobody would be prejudice against anyone else." ^.^ (Sasami: my wish =)

2. says "I wish that i will find my dad. I live with my mom, and she has a boyfriend but........................i want to visit him" (Sasami: if this is you, please e-mail me with your name or nickname ^_^)

3. Anonymous says "I wish that world hunger would end and world peace appear. :)" (Sasami: If this is you and you want your name by it, email me with your name or nickname! ^.^ It's a very nice wish!)

4. Lady Ayeka 91 says "I wish someone would love me one loves me ...........its not fair" (Sasami: I know that someone already loves you! I mean, you have your family I'm sure you have friends. ^_^ Just look around you and you will find that a lot of people care deeply for you. =)

5. Devil Angel Gurl 83 says "I wish that every wish that i wish would come true!" (Sasami: Hehehe. ^_~ what a clever wish)

6. PrettySasamie says "i wish that brandon miller would go out with me and i also wish that all my
wishes come true and i also wish that there were peace on earth." (Sasami: Great wish! ^_^ I hope it comes true =D)

7. Megami says "i want everyone to live
in peace and not fight,and kids to go to school and feel safe,and for me to go to school and feel safe" (Sasami: what a wonderful wish ^__^)

8. Anonymous says "I wish that I had secret powers, so I could destroy everyone I disliked! -I would use them for more thing too! ^-^ (Sasami: what a great wish! Please tell me if this is you =)

9. Another nameless person says: "I wish that the whole world will stop fighting and that we could all live as peacefully as they live on Jurai (my fave planet in the series). I also wish that i can find a pic of sasami with her head turned 3/4th of the way! very important for drawing of mine!(Sasami: I hope that your wish comes true! I'm sure you can find a good pic of Sasami like that, and I too wish for world peace. Thank you, that's a great wish! ^_^)

10. Serena says "my wish is that every one could fly that knows me." (Sasami: Hehe, that's a nice wish! ^_^ That would be so fun!)

11. Sakura says: "I wish everyone could get their own magical wish and it would come true....and I also wish that I'll become a better sewer...cosplaying is hard, and I don't have my aunts sewing machine! >< -I'm not that old, wadda ya 'spect me ta do? (Sasami:Eek! What's a girl to do? =) I really hope that your wish comes true, and the first one is very generous. ^_^ On the second one, I sincerely hope that it comes true, and I'm sure it will with time... =) Good luck!)

12. Sayian Gohan says: "I wish that the journey I've traveled for so long will come to an end soon and
I'll finally realize my true purpose." [Sasami: Wow... what a wonderful wish!!!! I really hope it comes true for you, which I am sure it will. =)

13. Anonymous says: "I wish for all of the tv show to come true." (Sasami: tehee, that's a good wish. Don't we all want that to happen? ^_^)

14. Lady_Lo_Mein says: "1)I wish that I could get the whole Pretty Sammy series on video, or at least
watch the tv series ONCE!!! I'm so tired of reading the episodes on the internet! 2) I wish that Sasami's wish (whatever it is) will come true!" (Sasami: Those are wonderful wishes! I hope the first one comes true for you, and the second one is very nice. I bet a lot of people hope her wishes come true. =)
15. Luna_Mysticalmoon says: "I would stop abuse of all types. I was child abused for my childhood and I know how it I wish to stop abuse and war...for the benefit of everybody." (Sasami: That is such a wonderful wish! I also hope is comes true. =)

16. Lady Lo Mien says: I wish that if rebirth were real and true, that it would happen for me when I die. So far in my 13 years of life...I've had a lot of fun. I wanna' see this crazy, messed up world again! NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS! ^_^ (Sasami: Thank you for this second wish! It is a great wish, and I must admit that I've wished that one too. ^_~ Thanks again!)

17. Christina Kay says: "My wish is to live in a dream." (Sasami: That's a really nice dream. ^__^ Heehee, living in a dream would be fun!)

18. Adam says:  "I wish for peace in the universe.  I mean that whole heartedly.And for the character that I think of when I watch a Tenchi series episode to become real." (Sasami: Hehe ^_^ Two wonderful wishes!)

19. PrettySammy @ says: "I wish that the boy I have a crush on at school will care and love for me and I also wish for Pretty Sammy to be real to protect the Earth! ^_^" (Sasami: Those are really really wonderful wishes! ^_^ Although we can only hope/wish for the second one to come true, I hope that your crush sees that you are really a wonderful person and will love you right back. =) Just have faith!)

20. Anonymous says: "I wish that the guy I like would give me a chance." (Sasami: Aww I hope that your wish comes true. ^__^ If this is you, please send an email so that I can put your name here. =)

21. Lahlani Jurai says: "I wish I had powers like her and that I could fly. I would use them to end all the horrors of today. Love will prevail. I also wish a guy at my school would ask me out in time for the dance on Nov. 15. (I'm so pathetic) Dude, I actually feel better just doing I'm happy for once. Thanks for listening." (Sasami: It was great listening to your wish. ^__^ I just know that a boy will ask you, you seem very sweet, but if no one does, still keep your hopes up! The right boy for you will come along evenutally. Also, your wish to use powers to solve world problems is very nice!)

22. Tenchi 2221 says: "magic sammy, please allow me to be a sailor scout." (Sasami: What an admirable wish! I, too, think that would be totally awesome. ^__^)

23. Anonymous: "I wish that the guy I like would give me a chance." (Sasami: I hope with all of my heart that your wish comes true. =)

24.Jen: I wish i can go study abroad and have a title.maybe i almost get it,but i'm not sure 'coz we can't know what will happen tomorrow or maybe after i send this comment. recently i wish that i can go to taiwan or china and i wish to have relationship story with famous people or with my idol,but i look it can't be come true.i think it's impossible right. and i hope my relationship with my idol can ever lasting. that is my wish sasami :( ^_^ jen...

You can e-mail me, Sasami, at