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Do you want to learn about Sasami's Family? Well, here you go! (The only page in the entire site that isn't completely about Sasami!)

Welcome to what is currently the newest section of Sasami's Lair! Here you can learn all about the Jurai Royal Family! (note: This does not include information about Ryoko, Washu, Mihoshi, Kiyone, or anybody else that is not a part of Jurai. If you want to learn about them, I wouldn't suggest looking here. ^_^;;) I've also made a totally original Jurai Royal Family tree! (It has everyone's name on it that is mentioned as part of Jurai in the series! Also note: Haruna is not on here because she is not a part of the Royal Family though she was a resident of Jurai, and Azaka and Kamidake are not on the tree either because they are really just seen as bodyguards to the royal family.)
The People of the Jurai Royal Family


Azusa Jurai
(Ah-zoo-sah Joo-rah-ee)
Azusa is the King of Jurai, and he appears to have been in reign for quite a long time. Nothing is known of who his parents were, though they were obviously part of the Royal Family. Azusa appears to be very gruff and sometimes a bit too mean when he's handling his children, but he really does care very very much for Sasami and Ayeka. Azusa actually has a big soft spot, as he seems to like little Ryo-Oh-Ki. Asuza has two wives, Funaho and Misaki, who are the first and second queens of Jurai. Azusa has three children; Sasami, Ayeka, and Yosho.


Funaho Jurai
Funaho is the first queen of Jurai, and the mother to Yosho Jurai. Funaho is very calm and serene. She is also very polite. She seems like the sort that would like very much to sit down and have some tea. Funaho rarely looses her temper or freaks out like Misaki! In the Anime, Funaho is never really shown using her powers, but in the manga it is obvious that Funaho is a very powerful Jurain, even though she was raised on Earth. Yes, Funaho is an Earthling who married a Royal Jurain family member- the king, Azusa. Thus, Lady Funaho adapted to the Jurain life and even gained the powers of a true Jurain!


Misaki Jurai
Misaki is the second queen of Jurai. Unlike Funaho, Misaki is a full Jurain. With Azusa, Misaki had two children; Sasami and Ayeka. Misaki cares a lot about her children. Unlike Funaho, Misaki is very energetic, and very....well.... bouncy. She absolutely loves anything cute. (Especially Ryo-Oh-Ki!) Misaki also has a tendancy to embarass Ayeka, whether is be forcing her to call Misaki "Mommy" or bringing out an old holo album containing a picture of Ayeka after she wetted her bed! Misaki loves Ayeka, but of course she loves her "baby", Sasami, and wouldn't stop hugging her when Misaki and Funaho came down to Earth. ^_^;; Misaki is probably just as powerful as Funaho, though she is never seen bringing out these powers in the manga or the anime. However, Misaki is seen bringing power from the twin trees of Jurai down to the Earth's trees!


Ayeka Jurai
Ayeka is Queen Misaki and King Azusa's first-born daughter, thus the first crown princess of Jurai. She is also Sasami's sister. Ayeka tries desperatley to be "lady-like" on Earth, but it always fails because she falls victim to the need to fight with Ryoko. Ayeka is essentially in love with Tenchi Masaki, as her half-brother Yosho is a lot older-looking than Ayeka had hoped when she finally found him. Ayeka was betrothed to Yosho, however he had to leave Jurai when he fought the demon Ryoko, which eventually brought him to Earth. Ayeka searched for Yosho, which took her 700 years. (Though she still looks the same as she was 700 years ago because she was asleep on her ship until awakened when she reached Earth.) Ayeka is quite a witch sometimes, and fight with Ryoko consistently! Sometimes I get the feeling that Ryoko is just playing with Ayeka, but Ayeka takes the bait and fights. Ayeka is very much in love with Tenchi, which makes her extremely possesive of him. Ayeka feels that Tenchi is meant for her, and for her alone.


Yosho Jurai
 Yosho is the son of Funaho and Azusa Jurai, and the father of Achika Masaki. (aka Achika Jurai.) Many, many years ago, about 700, Yosho left Jurai in pursuit of Ryoko, a demon that had attacked Jurai. However, it is not really known if he really left in pursuit of Ryoko, or if he left because of Haruna. Yosho was in love with a woman on Jurai named Haruna (Hah-roo-nah). However, their love couldn't be. Therefore, Yosho and Haruna decided to leave Jurai and find a nice planet that they could live on happily. They soon found a peaceful planet called Earth, the place where Yosho's mother had lived. Haruna, however, died just moments before they reached Earth. The trip has made her gravely ill and she could not hold out. Yosho buried the tree that was connected to Haruna, a beautiful camellia tree, on Earth, for Yosho wanted Haruna to be able to see this beautiful planet. Eventually Yosho found Itsuki, a lively Earthling, and decided to marry her. They then had Achika years later. I suppose that when Yosho went off in pursuit of the demon Ryoko, he must have taken Haruna with him, which led them to Earth. He obviously didn't go back to Earth after leaving, so this is the only explanation. After taking up residence on Earth, Yosho changed his name to Katsuhito Masaki, and lived a peaceful life with Itsuki (eet-su-kee) for many years until she died. (Note: the storybout Haruna is from Tenchi Muyo In Love 2 aka Tenchi Forever the movie. Check it out if you want to know all the details!)


Achika Masaki
(Ah-chee-kah mah-sah-kee)
Achika Masaki is the only child born to Katsuhito (Yosho) Masaki and Itsuki Masaki. Though Itsuki was an Earthling, Achika still has Jurain powers. (As seen in Tenchi Muyo in Love 1) When Achika was in high school, she met a shy young man named Nobuyuki. (Yes, the perverted old man that we know today....) Achika had a crush on him, and made him promise that when he built the house that he drew pictures of, that he would take Achika to it. Well, of course Achika saw it because Nobuyuki married her! Unfortunatley, when Achika used her Jurain powers to fight the evil KAIN, her life span was shortened and she died only a few years after Tenchi Masaki's birth. (When he was just a tiny child.) However, Achika had a very, very happy life living with Nobuyuki in the house that they had built together. Achika was very kind and lively, and also very beautiful, with long, midnight black hair.


Tenchi Masaki
 Tenchi Masaki is, yes, the (rather unfortunate) hero of our story who happens to be forced into everything that goes on in his household. Tenchi never asked for a handful of alien women to come into his house! Tenchi is the son of Achika and Nobuyuki, and the grandson of Yosho Jurai. (Also, the great-grandson of Azusa, king of Jurai!) Tenchi actually seems to handle the women who just sort of show up at his front door very well. He doesn't just push them out into the street like most people would! All of the girls seem to be attracted to Tenchi, so he must be a pretty nice guy I guess! Tenchi, being the grandson of Yosho, has much Jurain power and is able to use the sacred "Light Hawk Wings." Tenchi has defeated countless enemies, and proves to be worthy of his Jurain power.


Tenchi Forever, Tenchi Muyo In Love, and the entire Tenchi series does not at all belong to me. I have nothin' to do with it! Tenchi and all the characters belong to their respectful owners. ^__^