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Enchanted: A Tenchi Muyo! RPG


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Enchanted: A Tenchi Muyo! RPG
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Enchanted: An RPG for fans of Tenchi Muyo. ^-^

Hey everyone! I just wanted to tell you about my ~*new*~ Tenchi Muyo RPG! I would absolutely love it if you joined the RPG. It is called Enchanted: A Tenchi Muyo RPG. This RPG is sort of supposed to be like a fourth Tenchi Muyo! Movie. ^-^ It has a completely original storyline, with a new villian and everything. Please join, I would really appreciate it!
Things that you need to read and do before you post in the RPG:
1)RPG rules for Enchanted
2)The Storyline for Enchanted
3)Copy and paste the application form into a new post on the Join board to register at the RPG. (note: please do not post in the actual RPG until you are approved in the Join board)
4) Have.... FUN! ^-^
 I hope you have a wonderful time at the RPG!!! Please click on the picture below to access Enchanted. :)


Join Enchanted! For more information, email