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Finally, Sasami's Lair is hosting it's own contest! ^__^ Yippie! Read below for details!

Hello everyone!!!! Guess what? This is the newest part of my site! The contest area! ^__^ Yep, from now on I will be holding a contest for all of you!


 Ok, well. every now and then I will have a different type of contest, but the basic way it will be held is this: The way you enter is that you email me with at least one superb picture of Sasami that you find. The winner is the person whom I think sent me the best picture!


  1. If you win the contest, you cannot enter into the contest next week.
  2. You cannot send the same picture as any of the winners. Check the contest winning pictures page! J
  3. Note: The pictures are NOT fanart. Please send in pictures of Sasami that you have scanned from a manga, or found on the Internet. If the website you found it at does not want people stealing pictures, please email them and ask them for permission- and tell me the url for the website when you send them! That way I can link to their website!! J
  4. Have fun! Btw, there will be separate rules for the male and female prizes. ^_^



 Here are the prizes for winning the contest! ^_^ You will have your name on my website as a winner, and your picture(s) will be featured on the page. For the grand prize... you get to partake in a one-on-one duel with none other than Tenchi! ^__~ Yep, Tenchi Masaki! NOTE: If you are a boy, you also have the alternative of going out on an online "date" with your dream girl... Sasami of course! If you would rather do the date, I must add that you can have either of these date choices: a candle-lit dinner, a walk on the beach, or a movie.


RULES and sidenotes for winners:

  1. Contest winners: you get to choose where to duel!
  2. Please limit the duel to a maximum of 25 minutes! (This is not too harsh, if it goes a minute or two over 25, that is fine.)
  3. If you win the contest, please reply to so that I can give you the means of contacting Tenchi- your dueling partner. (Or Sasami if you choose the date)
  4. If you win the DUEL I will send you an award that says you won the duel. ^__^ If you dont win the duel, I will still put your name on the site and your picture(s) up too. The duel is just a fun prize. ^__^


 To enter, you need to send me (Sasami) at least one picture (no more than two pictures please) of the best pictures you can find of Sasami! Please send it in Jpeg or Gif format to ^_^ Send it as an attachment. :)


Information you need to send along with your picture:

Along with your nice picture, please send in your nickname and any info you want to be shown under your name when it is featured on my site if you win! ^__^


Thank you, everyone who partakes in the contests! I wish the best of luck to you!!! ^_______^


Best of luck to you, and remember- read ALL of the rules! Every piece is important! ^_^