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The Ideal Gift

Just a little something to do, getting you in the mood for the holiday spirit!


Please read the following story first, and then tell me what your ideal gift would be so that I can post it on this page! Email
The Ideal Gift
It was Christmas Eve, and the Masaki household, all ten residents, gathered around the dining table. They said a small prayer of thanks, then began to eat the wonderful meal that Sasami, the youngest person there, had prepared for them. The meal consisted of many things, such as the very finest sushi and rice rolls. Everyone had a wonderful time eating. Out of everyone, Sasami was the absolute most excited one at the table. This was her first Christmas ever, for she and her sister had arrived only 6 months before. On Jurai they had a different celebration called Startica, which was a holiday almost like Hanukkah and Christmas combined. Christmas, however, was now favoured above Startica by Sasami. What a special day tomorrow will be! Sasami sighed happily, thinking of how wonderful it will be to sit in front of the Christmas tree and open presents.
After everyone had eaten, the table was ready to be cleared off. It was quite a chore to clean all of the dishes, but it was well worth it! After everything had been all cleaned up, it was time for Sasami to bring out her wonderful holiday cookies. They were shaped like trees, snowflakes, and santa clauses. Everyone finished eating the wonderful cookies, and began to yawn. "Oh, Sasami-Chan!" Tenchi said, smiling at Sasami. "You should get to bed, or else Santa won't visit you tonight." He winked at her, and she grinned. "I can't wait until tomorrow!" Sasami looked at Ayeka. "Ayeka-San, will you please read me a Christmas story before I go to bed? I'd really like that." Sasami said this with such a huge smile on her face, that Ayeka couldn't resist. "Ok, but get your pyjamas on first!" She replied, and she couldn't help smiling.
Ayeka tucked Sasami into bed later, and then began to read Twas the Night Before Christmas. "Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse..." Ayeka began. Sasami soon drifted off to sleep, holding Ryo-Ohki, dreaming of sugar plum fairies and beautifully decorated Christmas trees.
Before Sasami knew it, morning had come! She woke up groggily, yawning. Looking at her alarm clock, Sasami saw that she had woken up at 6:30, unusually early! Ryo-Ohki, who had woken up as well, jumped onto Sasami's lap and meowed. "Ryo-Chan, it is still fairly dark outside! It's Christmas though, and we should go wake everyone up!" Sasami put on her yellow smiley face slippers and silently tiptoed to her door, holding Ryo-Ohki. Sasami was careful not to wake her sleeping sister, who lay in the sleeping bag next to her. Sasami opened the door quietly, walked into the hallway, and shut it closed. "We'll let them sleep a little while longer." Sasami smiled. Ryo-Ohki meowed quietly in agreement.
They then silently crept downstairs, not waking anyone in the house. They entered the kitchen and saw Washu sitting at the kitchen table, drinking a cup of hot chocolate. "Good morning, Sasami! Merry Christmas." Washu grinned. Sasami smiled. "Merry Christmas, Washu! I wish that everyone would wake up, I can't wait for the day to start!" Sasami said happily. "Oh, they'll wake up in a few hours." Washu laughed.
Two hours later, the Masaki household began to wake up. Kiyone was the first one to wake, soon followed by Tenchi and Yosho. Ryoko woke up after them, then Ayeka did so, and soon Nobuyuki. Surprisingly, Mihoshi also woke up, excited to be celebrating Christmas for her first time. It was almost everyone's first time celebrating Christmas, though Sasami and Mihoshi were the most excited for it to come.
At 9:30 everyone was finally ready to open presents. They all checked their stockings, and then Sasami began to hand out presents to everyone. After the presents had been given out to all of their recipients, everyone began opening their packages. Of coures, Ryoko just ripped the paper off. However, Ayeka did it very lady-like, until Ryoko told her that she just didn't know how to open them. Despite some bickering between these two girls, everyone had a wonderful time. Finally, Sasami was opening her last present. It was from Tenchi, and looked quite large. He had bought wonderful gifts for everyone, as a sort of welcoming gift to his household. Sasami couldn't wait to open it, she was oh so excited! She opened the box, and inside lay the best present that she had opened all day, her ideal present!
Now, what you have to do! After reading this nice story about Christmas, please send your ideal present to me! It doesn't have to be something that Sasami would like, just whatever you really really want for Christmas or Hanukkah. Have a wonderful, wonderful holiday season!!! =)
Send your ideal gift idea to: with the subject header as "My Ideal Gift." :) Thank you!

Happy Holidays!