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Why do I like Sasami?
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Do you want my opinion? Here it is. ^_^


1)Sasami is just darn cool. I mean, who COULDN'T like her? I know, I know.. I hear it ALL the time. "she's annoying.. she get's in people's way" Well, she may be a bit *too* hyper at times, but that's basically a lot like me so.. who's talking? Hahaha...

2)Sasami is, although the youngest, probably the wisest besides Washu and Kiyone. [out of the girls. Tenchi is smart ;)] Sasami also cares a LOT about Tenchi, but doesn't torture him. Isn't that good? :) While Ayeka and Ryoko are fighting, Sasami is just being nice to everyone and cooking!

3)Cooking: that's another reason why I like her. Sasami cooks without wanting anything in return. She slaves away making them dinner, and doesn't ask for them to slave away for her. :)

4)She's un-selfish....which is very true! Her big heart is full of love for everyone. :)

5)She loves Ayeka- YES! she loves her.. er.. odd sister! Sasami really TRULY cares for her. ^_^

6)Ryo-Ohki is really cute, and s/he is Sasami's best friend. :)

7)Sasami doesn't really fight with anyone [besides Ayeka] in the Tenchi gang. You can tell that Ryoko cares a lot for Sasami and visa versa. [especially in the manga]

8)Sasami turns into Pretty Sammy! The super-heroine fights for love and protects people. :)

9)She loves animals! I love animals also. =) I think it's really cute how she cares for animals when they are hurt, and makes friends with them.

10)She always makes friends with people. ^_^ I love that! Her personality is so great! Her kindness and her loving heart really helps her make friends.

I'll get more.. when I've got time.^.^

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Tenchi characters, or anything relating to Tenchi. Tenchi Muyo/No Need For Tenchi belongs to it's respectable owner. ^_^