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These are songs from Magical Girl Pretty Sammy!!!! ^_^

Dream Away
Ive been lost and low since you let me go,
full of pain I hide
Telling all my friends everything must end
but Im not torn up inside
because when the moons in the heavens
and the stars are so bright
I have my memories
Thats where I journey, to some other land
with all my fantasies and oh how real they seem,
I close my eyes and I dream
Dream away, dream hell say
he still feels the passion we had way back when
Dream away, dream hell stay
One more night I know hell fall in love again
Dream away, dream hell say
no one sets his soul on fire like I do
Dream away, dream hell stay
hold me close and tell me hell be dreamin too.


Pretty Sammy, The Magical Girl
[The Pretty Sammy Theme Song]
Don't you ever worry
Don't you get too weary
I am always here for you
The future's full of wonders
Mystery all over
In a miracle, you have faith
If you keep on dreaming
It sure will come true
The magic spell you chant will solve and make all of the problems right
Thirsty may you be sometime
Say the magic word and you will have a drink
 Hungry may you be sometimes
Say the magic word then you'll get everything you need
 The boy you love and care for
In your secret fancy
May happen to be leaving you
The wonder magic power
The last remaining power
The magic power's on your side
 Just watch and you'll see
The love you have longed
The magic spell you chant will bring the fortunes always back for you
 Make a blunder and be late
The magic word can bring you back a happy smile
 All the tiresome work you've got
You can just leave it
You just leave it all to me
 Thirsty may you be sometime
Say the magic word and you will have a drink
 Hungry may you be sometimes
Say the magic word and you'll get everything you need

Money No More
I see the fancy life you've been chasing
Well thats a pretty car youve been racing
You mentioned your vacation, the beach at Bali
well good for you, but that doesnt matter much to me
because its only money
I thought that you were funny and charming,
but what's been going on is alarming
because now you only value the things that you pay for
well get a clue, its money no more!
Yes its money no more, less important than a little smile
No I cant be around your money no more, no, no more
Do you remember the pizza wed eat in the park?
Wed walk until dark by the river,
and we never hurried our pace
Dont care if we were goin' someplace
Oh I rember the man I imagined you were,
the one I prefer
Your compassion for people you grew to ignore,
this world of yours is money no more!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Tenchi characters, or anything relating to Tenchi. Tenchi Muyo/No Need For Tenchi belongs to it's respectable owner. ^_^